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Before we can give you an precise quotation for your on-site training course we first need a few details about you and where you want your course carried out.


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Your course:

  1. enables you to create the designs you want using your own examples

  2. will be held at your offices on dates to suit you

  3. will be designed for you and will focus on what you need to know.

  4. you'll waste no time on irrelevant topics as all the delegates are from your own company


More information

  • Training is available on-site at any location in the United Kingdom or Europe.
  • We do not supply generic training courses - all our courses are tightly tailored to your requirements.
  • We supply courses that are based on the documents you need to create. You can send PDF files, images or InDesign documents to us and we will design a course to enable you to create what you need.
  • We carefully take apart your examples and prepare all the images, logos and text files required to recontruct your examples. This is the basis of your course and it allows you to understand how your documents were originally constructed. It also means you can make your own from scratch!


Course times

  • A typical training day starts at 09:00 and ends at 16:00.

  • A suitable lunch break with morning and afternoon breaks will also be taken.


What do you need to supply?

  • It is recommended that you organise either a dedicated training room or a conference room at your company.

  • You will also need to make sure that you have suitable computer equipment available with the correct software installed and in full working order.

  • You also need to supply a digital projector or large TV as the software needs to be demonstrated during the course.

  • Adobe’s website allows you to download 7 day demonstration copies of their software so you can set-up a course for 4 people although you only have 2 licenses.

  • These courses need a mouse to operate the software. You cannot really use just a trackpad on a laptop !


Group Size

  • Smaller groups of delegates tend to develop better skills more rapidly - the optimum size is 3 or 4 delegates.

  • Each person can consequently receive individual attention and have their own questions answered.

  • The maximum practical group size is around 6 although more people can attend if you wish. The course, however, tends to become more of a lecture rather than a good learning experience.


Skill levels

  • Courses work best if your delegates are of a similar skill level.

  • If you have beginners and more advanced delegates, it tends to be better to have separate courses although some advanced users on beginners courses often learn a lot more than they thought they would !


Course duration - (2 days are best)

  • A two-day introduction course usually gives you the best overall value in terms of both learning and doing.

  • A one day introduction course can be suitable if you just need to learn the absolute basics of a piece of software, however you can’t go into as much detail as on a two-day course.

  • If you need to learn InDesign with Photoshop a three-day course offers a good mix of the two applications.


PC or Mac?

  • Training courses can be delivered on both Windows PC and Apple Mac or both at the same time.


Notes and post-course support

  • You will also be encouraged to make your own reference notes during your course. Help files and example files will be supplied as part of your tailored course on disc. All courses are supplied with 6 months phone & e-mail support



  • Payment is requested prior to any course.



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Get a price for your course
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All courses are supplied with

6 months phone & e-mail


6 months support