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Adobe Illustrator training course

This Adobe Illustrator training course will enable delegates to produce a wide range of material including -

  • product diagrams
  • maps
  • logo creation
  • infographics creation
  • graphs of financial data
Making real artwork

Learning how the software works is all very well but we show you the next stage too - how to create finished print-ready artwork. We try to base your course on the actual documents you need to make. You can send PDF examples to us prior to your course.

Choose your own dates !We hold your course at your offices
and on dates that suit you


The course addresses these issues:

  1. How do I use Adobe Illustrator to draw maps and logos?
  2. How can we create graphs suitable for print?
  3. How do I create as series of product diagrams?
Course Duration 2 Days

This course can also be tailored to one day if preferred but naturally cannot therefore cover all items in the course profile

Course Topic Areas


  • Toolbox, Workspace & Panels
  • Preferences & Page set-up
  • Adding and using guidelines
  • Using ruler and guide snap

Drawing Basic Shapes

  • Using the pencil and pen tool
  • Adjusting path segments
  • Moving -grouping -aligning
  • Transforming objects

Drawing Complex Shapes

  • Using the Pathfinder
  • Using smart guides
  • Slicing and scissors
  • Working with Appearances

Using Colour

  • Gradients & Brushes
  • Pantones, CMYK & RGB
  • Creating tints
  • Using Global Colour

Working with type

  • Creating Type
  • Setting type attributes
  • Adjusting text flow
  • Wrapping type around objects

Using Layered artwork

  • Creating layers
  • View/hide & Lock
  • Moving objects through layers
  • Creating graphs
  • Entering graph data

Final Output

  • Exporting & Saving
  • Preparing files for the Printers
  • Saving for Web use
  • Saving for PowerPoint
  • Correct PDF export

Extra Features

  • Transparency
  • Appearances & Styles
  • 3D extrusions

  • Your Adobe Illustrator course:

    1. will be held at your offices on dates to suit you.
    2. is normally for 2 days but you can select the duration.
    3. allows you to create the designs you want using your own examples.
    4. is designed for you and will focus on what you need to know.
    5. you'll waste no time on irrelevant topics as all the delegates are from your company


    Get a quote for your on-site Illustrator training course

Get a quote for your on-site Adobe Illustrator training course


Adobe Illustrator

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Where is the course held ?

It is carried out at your offices

What are the dates ?

You choose any date that suits you

post-course support

We give you technical support after your course for 6 months by telephone or email

6 months support


  • CC 2018
  • CC 2017
  • CC 2015
  • CS6

Course Levels

  1. Introduction
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced
  4. Customised

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